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14 Actors

The New York Times has offered an amazing idea to shoot 14 actors while they are acting. You can't actually, hear them talk, though - you can see them act. This kind of creates a very strange feeling of fullfilment and desire to become as good as they are.

1. 14 Actors Acting - James Franco

It is hard to watch yourslef in a mirror and act like there is no one watching. I am not good at acting but I do admire Franco's emotions and the way he makes you feel inspired. This deserves a certain appreciation.

2. 14 Actors Acting - Matt Damon

It ain'teasy to be ma,d especially to play being mad but not to be mad in a real life. After all, you have to be a great actor to make others believe that you feel things that you do not actually feel.

3. 14 Actors Acting - Chloe Moretz

She is, probably, the angriest woman I've ever seen. I would give a lot not to appear with her in the same room when she is like this. The only thing that actually saves me is that this woman is not really angry - she's just fooling arround.

4. 14 Actors Acting - Lesley Manville

Calling on the phone... What can be easier than that? Well, it apepars that things like immitating a call are harder than one thinks... Trust me. Too many emotions are left behind.

5. 14 Actors Acting - Vincent Cassel

Probably, my personal favorite. The way he moves, the way he controls his body. Liek a real man, like a real French. He also kind of reminds me the famous Charlie Chaplin. I think it's because of the pants.

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14 Actors
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