5 Best songs' parodies
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Some of the best song parodies ever made.
But be very careful. Do not proceed if you can't handle too much humor!!! ;)

1. Awesome Eminem Parody By Key Of Awesome

When I first came to know about this video I didn't think it will be this much fun. The artist in this video created some unique moves and the lyrics made this parody one of my favorites.

2. 'Sexy and I'm Homeless' lmfao parody

Parody of the song I am sexy and I know it. Gave the original song a new dimension! Not so sexy but surely homeless. :)

3. Linkin Park Parody

The comic Chester poses are really something!!!

4. Tik Tok Parody

Looking for some adorable faces in a parody? Well, this one is both adorable and funny.

5. Beware Of The Bieber Fever!

Do not scream while you are watching this video. The person portrayed Bieber was hilarious. His Bieber moves are contagiously funny! Funny & sometimes offensive comedy. Keep your ears open for screams in the middle of the video.

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